30 Day Art Challenge

30 4″x4″ Daily Watercolors

In July of 2020 I took part in @katschneids ’ 30 day drawing challenge. I followed her fantastic prompt list to make 30 4×4” watercolor paintings and posted them on Instagram. It was the first time I completed a 30 day challenge, and it gave me the confidence to try even bigger daily challenges, like the 100 day project.
Completing a painting every day, even a small one, is not small feat. I learned the importance of using every available moment to brainstorm ideas for the next painting, and that embracing the process is key. There is something beautiful about devoting time to something every day. Holding my stack of 30 tiny paintings at the end of the month was a lovely reminder that the days build up, and each one is an opportunity to create something new. 






Laura’s Creative Care Package

Pandemic Encouragement

At the beginning of the pandemic, along with all of the fear and anxiety, there was also an outpouring of artistic and positive energy online. One of my favorite illustrators launched a virtual drawing program for kids called Draw Together. A writer I follow began a series of interviews with fellow authors, chatting about their writing process and the ups and downs of publishing.

Like many people, I felt paralyzed by everything that was out of my control, and I wanted to play a small role in bringing joy to people during a dark time. So I started Laura’s Creative Care Package, a daily newletter with carefully curated art, books, and music recommendations. It was a small contribution, but it felt good to share the work of people I admired, and hopefully bring a bit of joy into people’s inboxes. You can read them here

Creative outpouring picture