A Little Introduction

Hello gentle readers

Hi, I’m Laura. I’ve been an avid writer since childhood and am captivated by beautiful language. I hope to write things that make people feel the way my favorite books do: like someone has just articulated exactly what I’ve always felt but never had the words to express. My first love will always be the written word, but I’m also a painter, podcast enthusiast, bookbinder, photographer, and life-long dog lover.
I grew up in Houston, Texas and am the daughter of two creative entrepreneurs – a documentary filmmaker and a graphic artist. They taught me to always lead with curiosity, and that enthusiasm is the most underrated personality trait. I’m fascinated by the mundane things we do with our days, and I believe that the creative process is at once straightforward and mysterious.
I graduated from Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa with a BA in English & Creative Writing and a minor in Art History.  I currently work at Brazos Bookstore. 
Ask me about: natural history, the joy of letter writing, and the proper way to trim a weeping willow tree.